Part 33: The Next Alliance – Chapter 5

Suruga, Spring 1546 Rene remembered every nuances and minutes of the night before, down to the flavors and the sensations that he had fleetingly visited. It had been the first for him, and he secretly wished that it would never be the last. Morning had come, but last night remained. “My lord, you seemed unwell […]

Part 32: The Next Alliance – Chapter 4

Suruga province, Spring 1546 Ever since they got back from the library, Miki had disappeared from the castle. Before she left, she served Rene tea one afternoon, briefly mentioned that she trusted him and would be going on a trip. It didn’t mean much to Rene anyway, her presence did. After all, with her gone, […]

Part 29: The Next Alliance – Chapter 3

Suruga, Spring 1546 As the season settled in, so were the people of the land. Rene had moved into a small house on the hill overlooking the Sunpu castle. It had a thatched roof and three walls made of round logs, leaving one with sliding door as an entrance. The house sat in a sparse […]

Part 27: The Next Alliance – Chapter 2

Suruga, Late Winter 1545 (January 1546) It had been hectic for Rene since he got back from being a border control captain to being a court member last week. Day one, the trio Henry, Mark, Rosario and him arrived at Hikuma castle and had the briefing with Hidenaga. The next day, the trio left in […]

Part 25: The Next Alliance – Chapter 1

Totomi, Winter 1545 “I honestly have no idea what to say right now.” Jim, also known as Matsudaira Hidenaga, uttered his disgruntled words through the crack of his teeth. He sat behind his table in the war room, with four other people, inside the newly restored Hikuma castle, sheltered away from the snow outside. “Well, […]

Part 23: A Fitting End

Suruga, Winter 1545 Ten thousands was a great number. Twenty thousands was a greater number. Yet, in the question of war, numbers did not decide everything. Twenty thousands men, fully armed and well trained, under the Imagawa blue and yellow banner, mounted an offensive against the Totomi provincial castle and suffered a humiliating defeat against […]

Part 21: Limbo

Mikawa, Winter 1550 After meeting with Ataki the previous night, Rene greeted the human player Matsudaira Hidenaga the next morning. The two of them sat face to face in a basement room with all four walls made of paper and spent the better time of the meeting engaging in staring contests. “So, you want to […]